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HTML5 cross platform game "Ladderz" completely commented source code

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Line by line commented source code of a complete HTML5 endless runner cross platform game using Phaser framework.

After publishing more than 200 tutorials and two books covering Phaser, here is a complete vertical endless runner which will make you learn how to create HTML5 cross platform games using JavaScript and the FREE Phaser framework.

The game features endless runner action, 5 different enemy types, coins to collect, animated sprites and platformer action, you can play it at

Enemy types: spikes, fire, arrows, spiked monsters and monsters which can be killed by jumping over them.

Studying and playing with this source code will allow you to learn on a real-world working example, covering, among other things, now to:

* Create a Phaser project

* Detect and force for a certain screen orientation - portrait in this case

* Preload graphics and sounds

* Use bitmap fonts

* Wait for and handle player input

* Create frame-by-frame animations

* Create animations using tweens

* Use ARCADE Physics engine to manage sprites movement and collision

* Play sounds

* Recycle resources to save memory using object pooling

* Use particle to generate sparkling effects

* Handle and save high scores and game data

* Adapt the game to various screen resolutions

* Create custom listeners and signals

There's no doubt you will learn a lot from this game, or you can just reskin it as you prefer and publish on game portals or even sell it to your customers.

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HTML5 cross platform game "Ladderz" completely commented source code

2 ratings
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