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Phaser 3 HTML5 Cross Platform Game Development - Endless Runner

Emanuele Feronato
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Learn the secrets of HTML5 game development with Phaser while building a cross platform endless runner game.

From the experience of more than 400 Phaser tutorials and 3 books, the first Phaser 3 course you can run in your browser and test your game in real time as you build a HTML5 cross platform horizontal endless runner game in 16 steps.

Look at the game you are going to build: Irresponsible Ninja

Designed both for beginners and skilled programmers, the course guides you from an empty folder introducing the bare bones of JavaScript to advanced Phaser 3 features.

Through 16 detailed steps you will learn, among other things, these concepts:

  • The structure of your first Phaser project, starting from an empty folder
  • Scale and resize the game to look nice on any device
  • Preload images, sounds, fonts and other kind of assets
  • Scene management
  • Add images and sprites on the stage
  • Use tweens to create animations
  • Animate sprites using sprite sheets
  • Wait for player input
  • Process mouse or finger input
  • The importance of placing sprites in front of other sprites using Z-order
  • Create game states
  • Add and play sound effects
  • Design and add a game interface
  • Add interactivity with buttons
  • Use bitmap fonts to create text effects
  • Save and load high scores using local storage
  • Use timelines to concatenate tweens and generate complex animations

By the end of the course, you'll have a complete HTML5 cross platform game but most of all you will master all the concepts to create a game on your own.

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Phaser 3 HTML5 Cross Platform Game Development - Endless Runner

28 ratings
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